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As you know as of Thursday 22 April vacancies are no longer be posted in Galaxy but in the new Recruitment system that replaced Galaxy – INSPIRA.
( vacancies that were posted in Galaxy up to 21 April will be processed in Galaxy that will remain open for this purpose until autumn of this year)

1. Below you will find a useful web-link that should help you to familiarize yourself with the system .


the site contains a) inspira ,
b) http://myhronline.un.org/hriss.portal/
and c) How to Apply for a Job Opening Using inspira - A Guide for United Nations Secretariat Employees
d) inspira Quick Tips - How to navigate through the Careers module (My Profile and Application)

2. I would also like to recall to your attention how your first login into INSPIRA is to be done – I am quoting from the Broadcast message that had been published by OHRM

To get you started, we are providing you with your unique User ID and temporary Password to use to log into inspira. It is mandatory that you use your assigned User ID for every log in.

Your assigned User Name is your UN Index number and your password is YYYYNNNN, with YYYY being the year of birth and NNNN the first four characters of your last name in Upper case. For example, the password of Joe Smith born in 1960 reads 1960SMIT. If your last name consists of less than 4 characters, use all characters in your last name. For example, the password of Nancy Lee born in 1975 reads 1975LEE.

3. HRMS/UNON has set up a generic mail-box INSPIRAQUESTIONS@unon.org that is monitored on a daily basis.

4. You can also contact the Recruitment Team in HRMS in case you experience difficulties with the above and we are ready to assist with the queries you may have. HRMS/UNON has started to train a limited number of users and will continue to roll out training for interested parties as INSPIRA involves.

5. In addition HRMS has set up a walk-in clinic in Room V-125 that is open each Wednesday and Thursday from 12.00 – 13.00 hrs. until further notice, in order to help colleagues to get familiar with the new system.


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NB: The main purpose of the BB is to facilitate UN staff members and Community to announce their personal belongings for sale, advertise of staff members personal or UN related activities.

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